I also wish I was Brett Anderson and going out there like a boss, like a real boss.
Hell yeah!!

Hell yeah!!

I was thinking…

In Ricky Martin, y’know, who has blocked me along with my tumblr crush. I miss his blog a little. But just a little. Everytime I remember those ridiculous “I’m boss” posts, I immediatly refrain from missing his blog. I wonder if they has unblocked me… Hahaha big problem, yeah, sure. I wonder why I’m not going to bed now.

Good night

I have a sms tone that says “Excuse me boss, you have a text message”.

Obviously I have nothing better to do

Like a boss

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Chuck Norris approves.

Reblog this and show Internet Explorer who’s boss

Facts of life

It’s a fact of life when you like a boy, he have a friend who is a complete idiot. And the worst is he thinks he’s a boss.

And he’s always trying to ruin your relationship…

But, with all these shitty attitudes, he’s showing you who’s boss. What can you do?? Staring at him, showing him your middle finger and walk away…

Challenge accepted.

Challenge accepted.