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Posted on 16th Nov at 12:52 AM
This is my first year as a Manics fan

And is the first time I’m wondering, how would be Christmas for Nicky without Richey?? How would be Richey’s Christmas, wherever he is now?? Would Nicky rise up a glass of champagne in Richey’s memory?? He would renew his hopes waiting for his best friend one more year?? All these questions are coming to my mind right now, as my first Christmas knowing that out there are a person missing. And thousand of them. Don’t you forget about Madeleine McCann. And all those anonymous children/teens/adults who are missing. This Christmas, I’m gonna rise up a glass for all of them, for those who can’t have a happy Christmas, for those who doesn’t know what Christmas is, for those who are missing and for those who are forgotten.

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