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Fuck yeah indie girl!! Ibana. 27. I'm from Uruguay. I'm a runner, I'm a dreamer. I'm a book lover and a music lover. beautie(s)
Posted on 16th Dec at 2:34 AM, with 2 notes

Life is too short to leave important things unsaid ϟ | via Facebook en We Heart It -

Posted on 18th Dec at 12:53 PM
All my Manics fans, all of they are happy after the gig of last night

Congratulations to all of you!! I can’t even dream of a Manics’ gig here in Uruguay, so I’m really glad for all of you, people. But, Saen pls, we want pictures :)

Posted on 17th Dec at 2:19 AM
Random thoughts

This year was a very special year, y’know. I have done so many things!! And I have known so many things… and so many people… I’m gonna make something kinda like a timeline, to make this easier.

  • I discovered tumblr. On January 2. An excellent way to start 2011.
  • I got into the Manics. On February 1st. I’m serious. I remember I’ve read "…and Richey Edwards has disappeared on February 1st, 1995." And I was like “really, bitch? Really?”. On February 2, I realized what I was reading (I’m an idiot). I hated him from the very first time, with the same intense I loved him from the very first time. I prefer not to talk about what I think about his lyrics and stuff ‘cause everyone will crucify me.
  • Mr. L caught my eye. Lol, my tumblr crush!! Or my ex tumblr crush or whatever. Funny days… winter days for me, I was sitting next to the stove thinking about what could I do to get his attention, but, as usual, no ideas came to my mind. Good thing ‘cause he hated me, I’m sure of that. I also refuse to talk about the present, cause I can’t figure out what he’s doing now.
  • I met a lot of lovely people here. I never imagine I could be so beloved and hated at the same time. Sometimes I take the audacity of thinking I’m a rock star, or the best writer ever, and sometimes I like to think my followers are my fans and the “other” people are my detractors. That’s such an insult for all of you, and I’m sorry. But, y’know, sometimes is funny. I’m a mediocre artist. And I have that shit of “low self-esteem” and “the ego”. I put a watermark on my pictures cause I made it and you not. Copyright shit, y’know. Artists love copyright. “I’m an asshole but I made this picture, I want it to be noticed.” I think all that shit of being noticed is to fill the low self-esteem hole, we need to fill it with something. Pointless stuff, but we need that kind of vanity. At least I do. But I want to say THANK YOU. For the reblogs. For following me. I still can’t understand how are you following a person like me, I don’t deserve it. Thank you very much ♥♥♥♥
  • After 6 years, I left my old church and I came to a new one. I met a lot of new people, and I met God better than ever. Is the same God, in a different place, at least for me. I feel incredibly good in my new church. I feel like I found a escape, a new escape. I feel closer to God. I feel crazier than ever. It’s the best feeling ever. Every Sunday morning, I’m there and I’m in heaven. I know most of you don’t agree with me (I love that fact because I love to respect everyone and most of people can’t respect me), but fuck the world, I wanted to share it anyway.

It’s Christmas season and I’m making a balance of the year. Weather is hot than ever and I’m feeling like I want to remember all those kind of things. Y’know, random thoughts.

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